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Montblanc was founded in 1906, but before 1889, the Swiss watch company Suter once "Montblanc" in the name of registration and production of movement and case, today 108 years later, the re-launch of the Montblanc brand watch. Hundred years, Montblanc's name represents the ultimate art of writing, the famous white star (symbolizing the snow-capped peak in Europe - Mont Blanc summit snow), have become top-quality characterization. In the 1924 launch of the Montblanc Meisterstuck pens years has become the company's representative, its elegant styling years beyond the time but have eternal value. Mont blanc Pens Sale products, whether it is writing supplies, leather goods, glasses or jewelry, at first glance it was a sense of the value of its unique attracted their usual beliefs based on traditional manufacturing techniques have permanent value everyday real goods, the pursuit of high texture, more better than high-tech.
In 1888, a man named George Wisconsin Parker telegram school teachers, because of the students often have to repair their own ink pen and the initiation of the design of a high quality ink pen idea, after many experiments, he finally produce called a new "lucky ring" of the pen, then solve some of the general problems often appear pen and obtained a patent. The Hou Pake founded the Mont Blanc Fountain Pens company, has been actively marketing operation, making the brand gradually toward the world. Parker Pen initial target market is for business people, students, professionals, but he soon found that the demand for the arts in this unusually large pen, and as the years passed from the 1940's, Parker pen gradually embarked on the political stage, has become the first choice for heads of state level figures writing instruments. World War II ended in 1945, signed the Covenant and cents Will MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender when signed by both Parker pen, while Nixon's visit to China in 1972 to bring a Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pens gift to the President also joined the astronauts back from the moon soil the special section Parker fountain pens. Due to its unique design and ideas and continue to launch new models, Parker pen is also sought after by the general public, with the symbol of a Parker pen, both identities, but also has a collection value.

Was an insurance broker in New York, said that once his ink leakage, an important contract accidentally soiled; until he re-drafted a new contract, the competitors had already snatched it pen business. In order not to make the same is happening again, his knife, rasp of saws and tools, at the dinner table made ​​the first pen - use capillary pipette principle, and separate the water intake pipes to control the amount of Mont Blanc Pens Outlet water; this Waterman invention patent application in 1883, February 12, 1884 to obtain a patent. Changes Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pens in the market for pen evaluation criteria, in addition to practical and comfortable, the more the artistic value. Rope lines such as "CF" on the pen tip and closely integrated with two clip on dendritic branching ... constantly re-marked a milestone in the industry's pen design.